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Interesting international English teaching vacancies and TEFL/TESOL courses.

International education platform with a wide range of  TESOL-related areas of interest.

English teaching jobs, teacher trainings and resources for teaching English abroad.

Courses, Jobs and afterall great free resources, lesson plans and advice for teaching English.

Comprehensive website covering many topics of ESL relevance.

Platform providing learning systems to users, students, future teachers and agents.




Language Schools

High-quality English, Spanish and other language programs in San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Innovative language learning academy based in Oaxaca.

Language school with modern teaching techniques in Mexico City.



Nonprofit organization supporting local development projects.

International organization working on combating economic and educational inequality.



Useful English teaching material:

Listening & Speaking​  -  Audios and matching worksheets for download covering a variety of vocabulary themes.  -  English short story platform for writers and listeners.  -  Questions and quotations on timeless topics with free sample chapters.  -  Making word clouds.  - Quick resource for jumbling texts.

cloze.html  -  Online cloze generator.  -  'The coolest dictionary known to hombre!'  -  Lyrics and videos for songs.  -  Ready-to-use lessons for songs in the classroom.  -  Songs, lyrics and online activities.  -  Online recorder with a variety of uses.  -  Excellent free recording software.  -  Videos on listening, speaking and pronunciation.

Writing  -  Newspaper generator, to make your students' writings visually more interesting.  -  Converts written to spoken word.  A fun and creative way to practise writing.  -  Interactive movie maker with written dialogues to add.  


Reading  -  Lessons and worksheets on famous people and related vocabulary.  -  Free, interactive and printable English lessons on news stories.


Vocabulary  -  Great dictionary and thesaurus with examples and links.  -  Useful online collocation dictionary.​  -  Graphical dictionary and thesaurus.

Worksheets, activities, references  -  Lesson plans for the MacMillan range of textbooks.  -  Theory and tips for the classroom.  -  Lots of fun activities to learn English grammar online.  -  A great selection of teaching aids.  -  Teacher-created worksheets and lesson material.  -  Ideas and tips for teachers centered around different topics.  -  Crafts and activities for Young Learners.  -  Worksheets, games and flashcards for children.  -  Self-study website for students with grammar, idioms and songs.  -  
Printable exercises, pictionaries, posters, games and puzzles for students and teachers.  -  A very complete and well-organized self-study site for English Learners.  -  Up-to-date tips, articles and material on different topics, skills and exam preparation.  -  A broad selection of oline and board games for Young Learners.  -  Animated English lessons, worksheets and fun games and songs for the YL classroom.  -  Printable grammar worksheets for teachers.  -  Creative and effective class activity ideas and other resources.  -  Extra material with a focus on visuals for younger learners.







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