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From a trainee's point of view.

"The support provided in planning the lessons and also in review and feedback sessions was one of the most valuable parts of the program. Tutors were great - well-prepared, open to questions, present and knowledgable."

Kathy, California, USA. 

"The course tutors were very helpful. I felt that instructors were very intentional about offering support and being available to help. I never felt left out to dry or completely lost. I learned very much about teaching and about myself as an individual."

Rebecca, Alabama, USA. 

"This course has directed me in leaps and bounds. I had no idea about the aspects of teaching before or how I could get into it, what I would do in the classroom etc. The tutors where great. There was nothing too much to ask for - they helped wherever we had problems and if we needed anything, be it in the course or aside. The satisfaction of finishing, the content covered, the school and the teachers make for a great recommendation!"

Dexter, UK. 

"All the tutors helped me create more solid lesson plans, and find my way of teaching and define it. They were clear when they delivered knowledge, and shared many good things with us. I admire their honesty and discipline. I have not only learned about teaching, about learners, about professional development, but became more aware of myself. This course inspired me to pursue a teaching career even more."

Santiago, Federal District, Mexico. 

"This course is a great introduction to the world of ESL.  The trainers are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely dedicated to providing thorough training and support to prepare aspiring teachers for the classroom.  I saw a notable improvement in my teaching performance over the course of the program and feel much more confident in my abilities to plan and deliver an effective lesson now.  I can't say enough good things about the quality of the program, the trainers, and the staff at TESOL International Mexico. "

Heather, North Carolina, USA. 

" I really feel that I lucked out with this course. I am thrilled to have found it and to have had this opportunity.

The course instructors exceeded my expectations. I felt very supported and cared about and I am truly amazed at all I have learned in these four weeks. I can't imagine entering a classroom without having taken this course. It has heightened my awareness in a number of ways: professionally and personally. Thank you so much! "

Megan, Michigan, USA. 

" I have greatly benefited from this course thanks to the experienced, qualified and knowledgable staff as well as a beautiful location. At first I was nervous about teaching but now I relish the opportunities to do so. I have been provided with the tools to further my education and resourcefulness in the field. I see progress from the nervous neophyte I was four weeks ago to the confident and eager teacher I am now. "

Staci, Maryland, USA. 

" All the tutors were very helpful. I now feel I can prepare my own lessons, stand in front of a class  and actually give them enjoyment and facilitate learning on their parts. I have gained confidence in myself, learnt a lot of new information and know now that I love teaching a class. "

Sam, Hampshire, UK. 

" The school is really beautiful and the staff that works here is really inspiring and insightful. I feel like this course has given me a good foundation and idea of what is involved in language teaching. "

Bianca, Washington, USA. 

" I am glad to have taken this training. The most important benefit is that I now have the framework to work effectively in class, knowing the different types of learners and being able to serve their needs by designing and choosing my own materials. My tutors secured a good learning environment and facilitated a beneficial teaching practice. "

Susana, Chiapas, Mexico. 

" I have attended many teaching training courses, and this was easily the most hands-on and useful one yet. The staff is very professional and really knows its field! Highly recommended!! "

Brady, Maine, USA. 

" This TESOL training was the perfect balance of instructive, interactive, and reflective. They are experts at capitalizing and building on the skills and experiences of experienced and less experienced teachers alike, creating a learning environment that allows all participants to leave the room with new ideas and strategies. In the weeks after the TESOL training, I was able to try out several new resources and methods and definitely felt my teaching improve. "

Roisin, Minnesota, USA. 

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